Membership Information

Change in Pricing Structure​

Effective immediately, we have changed our EZLINKS check-in system to start charging 6.1% sales tax on all purchases. This includes memberships, daily golf rates, RV space rentals, etc. Some of these items have previously had tax included in the price, which has become a problem for accounting purposes. You are still getting a great deal because we have one of lowest tax rate in the state. This will add about $1.50 to a weekday round with cart. The alternative is to raise prices and not reflect the tax on your receipt. We feel that action is a deceptive business practice and will not do so. We want our business to be honest and straight forward.
We regret any inconvenience this might cause and we welcome your comments.

New Rates for 2017

When you purchase a Turquoise Valley Golf Membership, you're making an investment in yourself. Wellness research indicates that the "healthy pursuit of Golf may add years to one's life." With some of the friendliest staff in the States, plus the camaraderie of a similarly friendly family of golfers, you'll do your spirit a favor as well. Factor into all that our great course conditions and the value benefits that come with membership, you'll likely find your satisfaction levels and overall wellness realizing historical highs!

These prices are good through June 30, 2017. New prices for the upcoming season are in red.

Annual Memberships

One person: $1,600  (NOT AVAILABLE)

Couple: $2,200 (NOT AVAILABLE)

6 Month Memberships

One person: $800 (NOT AVAILABLE)

Couple: $1,100  (NOT AVAILABLE)

3 Month Membership

One person: $400 ($900 - with cart) ($500 - walking)
Couple: $600 ($1500 - with cart) ($900 - walking)

Monthly Membership Standard Rate

One Person: $300 - with cart ($180 - walking)
Couple: $550 with cart ($350 - walking)

Monthly Memberships for RV Customers

One person: $140 ($250 - with cart) ($160 - walking)

Couple: $250 ($450 - with cart) ($300 - walking)